Calling All Aspiring Entrepreneurs; People Who Want to Start their Own Business; People Who have Been Made Redundant and Want to Invest in a Sure Fire Business Venture…

“Buying A Franchise: A Route To
Dare to Start Your Own Business”



Dear Friend,

Wow – how fantastic that you are even investigating buying a franchise. I have to applaud you in being comprehensive in your decision making and seeking more advice and information.

You are probably asking questions like

“Is Franchising the route for me…” or
“How would I make my money as a franchisee…” or even…
“What questions should I ask a franchisor about the offering…”

How much have you already investigated about the different routes available to you? Too much? Not enough? You may even find that you are frustrated at the huge amount of information available to you!

Look no further…because this is where I come in. My name is Shelley Pearson and I am a franchise specialist. I spend my time supportively educating and advising prospective entrepreneurs just like you on the franchise business model.

Does this sound like you? Time and again I am approached by aspiring entrepreneurs who want to know what exactly is entailed in buying a franchise to start up a business.

They are usually employed and looking to ‘break free’ from the rat race or are self-employed and looking for another avenue to try. People come to this crossroads in their professional lives especially when they are ambitious, driven or even frustrated and want to create something for themselves. Do you find yourself in that position too?

Luckily it comes really easy to me to help people like yourself understand the practical realities of the franchise business model. I’ve worked on both ends of the spectrum, so I have enough experience to give you some clear advice on the model in simple terms.

“We enjoyed your workshop and found it really useful for considering both the possibility of offering franchises on aspects of what we do (future product/service developments) as well as in exploring whether we could buy into a franchise that could act as an extension of our current portfolio of products and services.”

Tim Peters, Director
Comproom Limited


And this is how I can help you too…

I know all too well how incredibly frustrating it is to get some straight answers, especially when you are researching something as serious as investing in a business. In fact, I did an exercise myself on just trying to find a simple, clearly outlined solution that answered the key questions a prospective franchisee (such as yourself) would have about franchising, as well as highlight those elements I know that you SHOULD know. Wow, there is a lot of information out there, isn’t there?!

I have delivered numerous workshops over the years to people just like yourself and what I noticed over and over again is that the main overriding value the attendees got out of the session was my operational insights. By sharing my experience, stories and knowledge about what franchising really looks and feels like – it opened their eyes to what is possible.

“I attended Shelley's morning workshop and got loads of good advice on not only starting a business but venturing into a franchising market. I thought the workshop was informative, up-to-date and professional, leaving me with appropriate advice to take the next step and knowing that if I had any questions later I could always get back to Shelley on a consultancy basis!”

Carina Mäkelä


This is when I decided to create this resource which allows aspiring entrepreneurs to easily access answers to the questions they really want answers to. My main aim was to keep it short, to the point and valuable to the reader’s decision making needs at this tentative point in their research.

Franchising is a superb business model, however you really must do your homework and be very clear on the structure and requirements made of you for it to work successfully. Click here to get your copy now.

Now, I will hazard a guess that you may have suffered from worrying about the franchising route because it is “too complicated”, “too expensive” and has a “rogue reputation”.

Let me dispel the myths or misconceptions right now…

What I find most of the time is that the media, general business consultants and sometimes even lawyers have fuelled the public anxiety about franchising. Let me be straight with you - I wouldn’t say that I am an advocate of franchising but I would definitively say that I am an advocate of ethical franchising.

Franchising is only for those that identify the endless possibilities the model holds and are willing to put in the work and follow the system to create a business that prospers for both parties (you and the franchisor from whom you would buy the model.)

Get your burning questions about franchising
answered right now

With this easy to read treasure trove of franchising advice, I cover all your burning unanswered questions about buying a franchise including…

  • What is franchising?
  • How is Self-employment different with a Franchise?
  • What should you look for in a Franchise Business Plan?
  • What questions should you ask a franchisor?
  • How do you make your money?
  • And more…

This great resource will give you enough practical knowledge about the model to know if it’s an avenue worth pursuing to start up the business you are dreaming of.

“We run a busy public relations agency and in the last year have taken on several clients that franchise their business. To be the most efficient marketing partner to them, we needed to quickly understand the franchise model and where we fitted in.

Without Shelley Pearson, we simply wouldn't have succeeded. Not only does she have the knowledge and experience in creating and developing franchises, she is also a highly competent and professional communicator.

If your business is even remotely contemplating franchising, Shelley is the expert you need.”

Paul Green
Publicity Heaven


Yes Shelley, I want to get Your Insider
Answers Now!

Here is how ‘Buying a Franchise: A Route To Entrepreneurship’
will add value to you…

By working through this concise e-book, you will benefit from:

  • Fully understanding the concept of the franchising business model
  • Being in a position to clearly identify if the model will suit you personally
  • A list of ‘next steps’ - if you do decide franchising is for you
  • My insider tips on what to look out for in a successful franchisor and which ones to avoid!
  • Some key guidance on issues that you need to pay attention to, to avoid the pitfalls of franchising

How much would it be worth to you to know TODAY if franchising is the start-up opportunity for you?

You are only a click away to instantly having the practical answers you have been seeking to some crucial questions. Only you can make the right decision for you. Not me. What I can do is give you as much pertinent and relevant information you need RIGHT now, so that you can choose the path that best suits you. Grab your copy now.

Before compiling this e-book, I spent an inordinate amount of time listening to attendees of my workshops and other people who came to me looking for advice and guidance. It was interesting to hear what real questions they were asking and how bowled over they were in my simple answers. That’s all they wanted straight answers to simple, practical questions. I can do that – no problem!

So, to do a quick comparison of the amount of consulting time it would have taken to give you what you will get out of reading this e-book, or indeed if you would have bought some other professional material…my estimation would be sitting at somewhere between £250 and £450 – depending on which franchise consultant you go to see. I don’t even want to know the amount of time you have already spent on going to exhibitions, trawling franchise information sites and the like.

My ethos is that by making this specialist insider information available to you at a more cost effective investment this would be giving you some more leeway in your budget for when you really do need to sit with a professional advisor to review a particular franchise offering.

I have packaged this franchising guidance in such a way that it will be available to you for a really affordable investment of only £35.00. Get yours now!

100% Risk Free Guarantee

The e-book is backed with my ‘no quibble’ 100% Risk Free Guarantee. If after working through the whole e-book you don’t feel it gave you some valuable insight into the franchising business model, you can return the product for a full refund. I am always looking to enhance my products where possible and have only one condition to returns: you provide feedback on which areas you felt the product did not match your expectations.


I want to order my copy now

Are you ready to know today if franchising is the opportunity you have been searching for? Great! Click on the button above and order your copy now. You are minutes away from being really clear about how franchising offers a less risky route to starting your own business.

I am really excited that you will get the quick and relevant answers to the important questions you have about franchising. Invest in this simple decision making tool that will make the world difference to you.

Yours sincerely,

Shelley Pearson

P.S. What are you waiting for? There is no risk to placing the order, and you can benefit instantly from the business knowledge that this e-book will give you.

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